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Dreams she had kept for years, secretive desires that only her closest could have guessed – all these have suddenly materializes in one birthday – that ended in tears – of joy and happiness Some things happen once in a lifetime – and you want to keep the memory forever. That’s what Liora experienced on her 65th birthday. Liora, a linguistic editor and a translator, mother of 3 sons and a proud grandmother of 3 grandchildren, could not have imagined the experience designed for her by her family, when her husband asked her to schedule a free day for her birthday.


A day of surprises

“We took off and arrived to a coffee shop full of dolls and fairy figures (a-fia in Kibutz Einat) – a lovely place designed just for people like me, a known fairy fan. I was full of admiration for my husband, for picking such a suitable place, but as we were about to leave, the coffee shop owner gave me a scroll instead of a bill. The scroll said that I could decide if I wanted to keep my routine or embark on a life-changing adventure. Naturally I chose the latter and said goodbye to my husband – as the scroll requested. Upon exiting the coffee shop, a man approached me and asked me to join him on a ride. The vehicle’s stereo played a song by Shalom Hanoch that I truly love.
I knew right away that this journey would be the most unexpected experience that I could imagine”, says Liora.


Miracles and Wonders

The magical journey of Liora developed as a riddle by her favorite author, Agatha Christie. On each step she was requested to guess, just like Agatha’s Miss Marple, what would happen next. One hallucinatory event followed the next  “like this lottery sales lady who offered me a ticket in return to… a book. To my amazement, the man I was with pulled out a copy of “Jane Air”, a book that I have translated many years ago, from an edition that has long been out of print, and completed the exchange”. On one of the highlights of the day, she found herself in a vines hut with a view to the sea shore. “I closed my eyes and all of the sudden I felt a musical instrument in my lap.
Quite quickly I realized that it was a guitar, as I have recently told my family that it was my dream to learn to play it. I found myself, for the first time in my life, strumming my guitar and singing with my journey companion, who had a guitar of his own. It was a wonderful, sensual, musical experience”.


Emotional Explosion

Quite soon Liora realized that her good girlfriends were also part of the scheme. “When we got back to the car, to continue our journey, I found an album with greetings from my friends. The title of the album was our-Liora, symbolizing my importance in my friend’s life. I, known as the one that does not know how to cry, was whining as I was reading my friend’s touching
greetings. When we stopped at a gas station, the station manager suddenly gave me a laptop, with my 3 sons on the screen. I stayed alone in the car and watched a movie prepared for me by my sons, each telling me what I meant for him… if I was whining before, I was complete liquid by now…”


The private saloon

With all the excitement came the realization that someone very well acquainted with her life stood behind these events. But Liora had no time to wonder  who was it behind the biggest production of her life. “In one of the next stations of this surprising day  I had a vocal encounter at the home of a very nice lady. I have learned vocals with various music teachers before
and had , sang in a chorus for years, but in this encounter I succeeded to produce vocals I did not know that existed in me – and it was wonderful”.

The emotional journey encountered Liora not only with her hobbies and loved ones – but also with her past. “The car stopped next to a garden of a private house, where a woman with an ancient hat sat with a newspaper in her hands. The date on that newspaper was that of my exact birth date. In it was a greeting for the newborn girl – that’s me. The women led me to a room and gave me a dress from the 19th  hundred –  tailor made for my size, and a matching hat. I dressed up and entered a luxurious saloon, exquisitely designed with pictures, collections, dishes, curtains – all in the 19th hundred style. To my big surprise, I found there one of my good friends, also dressed up accordingly, and she invited me to join her for an intimate feast. The man who has accompanied me during the day, dressed up in a Tail Coat and a Papillion, sat next the piano and played a waltz by Chopin. When he finished, a strings quartet appeared and played one of my favorite compositions by Schubert. I felt as if I was in a dream. I told my husband various times that in my previous life I ran a music saloon, and here I was, in my own private concert in a 19th hundred saloon…”


Happy day

At the end of that day, Liora found herself in a coffee shop, where she had time to recap and reflect on the day’s experiences. “I sat silent, with my eyes shut, trying to contain all the excitement. When I opened my eyes, I was surprised to see my beloved husband. I don’t recall seeing him with such a big smile…” they both knew for sure that she would never forget that day. 
Liora’s husband is full of compliments for the team who stood behind this special production – the ONCE staff – specializing in the production of such events. A dozen of people have cooperated in creative brainstorm, plan and well timed implementation of every minute of this 7 hours one-time emotional and empowering experience. “after all, what does one want” summarized Liora. “to be loved in his lifetime. I couldn’t ask for a biggest proof of love. I feel that this experience has added a new spice to my life. What I got on that day will accompany me in the future – I plan to learn to play the guitar and to sing solo – things I have not dared to do till now. For me it was a dream day, wonderfully done, priceless. The most beautiful gift I got in my adult life”.

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