Once in a lifetime gift

To give your special one a truly personal gift, one that symbolizes your true feelings – is not an easy task. We usually compromise on an item or a ready-made event that may not leave the deep impression that we hoped for.

But what if we could give that person a truly touching gift, a deep and different kind of experience that will take him on a personal odyssey, made just for him? It is like someone has reached and understood his inner self, much like a very close friend, and knows what he likes, what excites him, what empowers him? And all that without him saying a word.

Touch. Excite. Give.

That is exactly why we’re here. With our guided inquiry, plenty of
experience and a true passion for the job, we learn to know your loved one
and create a unique, exclusive event – made for him alone. A combination of
rare moments that he would not encounter in day to day life, a world made
just for that person, a world that will create an effect beyond your

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