The ONCE team includes individuals with extraordinary creative thinking and a wide range of expertise: music, theatre, mentoring, therapy, directing and producing.

All ONCE members go through a strict and long process of selection, validation and training, true to our uncompromised values and our high professional standards.
Our trainers staff has a rich background in personal mentoring and guidance. They are all highly sensitive and qualified to create trusted relations within a short period of time. These qualifications enable us to point and target the most significant points, and create an effective and fruitful process.
“Behind the stage” the process is escorted by a professional advisor and an experienced production team. They are there to bring the vision to reality each and every time.
Doron Lavi
Doron thought of the idea behind ONCE on 2005, inspired by the film “The Game”, and established the company on 2007.
Doron has vast experience in guidance, training and music therapy – with a wide range of audiences. Doron is head of the company and part of the guidance and direction team.


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