The event may be a birthday, a wedding anniversary, retirement, army release or just a spontaneous wish to celebrate – whatever the reason
is – it’s a rare opportunity to give.

Each event at ONCE is unique and different. It is custom made for a specific individual. It’s just like a high-end suit – tailored for a special someone – in accordance to his measurements and style. Sometimes it will be fascinating, sometimes funny, sometimes a discovery. One thing is certain: it will be a profound experience, surprising and emotional, different from any experience that person has ever encountered – an event that will never be forgotten.
A different approach to the Bar-Mitzvah Experience
Each parent knows the feeling, when our child reaches the age of Bar Mitzvah, a meaningful event in his young age, no doubt. This is the opening of a new chapter in life. Some of us choose to celebrate it with big festivities, others by travelling abroad, etc.
We believe in a different approach, one that says that now is just the time for something different and unique, time to engage in an adventure that will make your child feel truly special, one full day of freedom from you and from everything he knows, an adventure in a safe environment created just for him. It’s a rare opportunity to sense and experience, to find out significant facts about himself, ones that will influence his personality and enhance his self confidence. The separation from day-to-day life, from habits, friends and studies, will enable your child to experience an active process of independence and growth, combined with pleasure, laughter and excitement that will not end.


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