The work process includes 4 main phases that together create a unique
platform – placing your loved one in the center.

Interview phase
We all have the elements that touch us, mold us and transform us into a
unique individual. When planning the event for your loved one – we seek
these elements together with you. Together we will find what that person’s
desires are, the happy moments, the emotional triggers. We will also
understand your motives in creating this special gift.
Creative Phase
Based on the interview phase findings, we will hold creative meetings
targeted to analyze the data gathered. We will learn to know and understand
your loved one as a close relative. What excites him/her, triggers his/her
doings, effects him/her? What are his/her significant moments? After
answering all these questions – we will create a unique concept – based on
that person’s character, style and needs.
Molding phase
Once we have completed the puzzle, the picture is revealed and the plan is
formed. We will plan in details the route that your special one will follow.
We will plan the peaks – with the right contents at the perfect timing – all
that to bring to life our objectives and create a significant emotional
Production phase
In this phase the plan is materialized and brought to life. We will assign
the most qualified team & make sure each knows his/her exact part and role
on that day. The production phase is very complex and requires a high level
of professionalism. It is guided by that individual’s personality and aimed
at creating an intimate, touching personal experience that will not be

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